Mobile Manipulation in carry-on format Made for the inventors of the future: The KUKA youBOT robot

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Mobile Manipulation in carry-on format Made for the inventors of the future: The KUKA youBOT robot
It is small, fun, versatile and has been made for the inventors of the future: The KUKA YouBOT research robot is a powerful, educational robot that has been especially designed for development and education in mobile manipulation, which counts as a key technology for professional service robotics. It consists of an omnidirectional platform, a five degree-of-freedom robot arm and a two-finger gripper.
The KUKA YouBOT research robot is an open platform that is operated with open source software. It is on its way to become a reference platform for hardware and software development in mobile manipulation

  • Sensor Drivers
  • Collection of sensor drivers for ASUS Xtion PRO LIVE, Microsoft LifeCam, Kinect 3D Cam and Hokuyo Laser Range Finderz

  • Operating Systems
  • Collection of youBOT operating systems including Windows and remastered Ubuntu Linux

  • ROS
  • Collection of youBOT ROS software including wrappers, inverse kinematics and navigation stack

  • Simulation
  • Collection of youBOT simulations including V-REP, Gazebo, OpenRAVE, Webots and Modelica

  • Libraries
  • Collection of youBOT libraries including youBOT -py and API

  • Apps and Utils
  • Collection of apps and utils for Joypad, Leap Motion and Android and the Hello-World-YouBot-API

  • KUKA youBOT omni-directional mobile platform with arm
  • Hokuyo URG-04LX-UG01 + universal sensor carrier
  • Microsoft LifeCam fixed at youBOT arm with
  • arm sensor carrier for LifeCam (based on an open source design by Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, IMES)
  • power supply
  • omni-directional mobile platform
  • 5-degree-of-freedom manipulator
  • real-time Ether CAT communication
  • on-board PC, mini ITX PC-Board with embedded CPU, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD Flash, USB
  • open interfaces
  • basic control software
  • arm and platform can be used independently
  • The configuration supports 3D perception and facilitates functionalities such as 3D object localization, 3D mapping, and active sensing.
  • Asus Xtion PRO LIVE + universal sensor carrier

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